Teaching the Gospel Through Broken Snow Globes


First of all yes it is March and yes we still have remnants of Christmas decorations in our house. A couple of weeks ago we had some snow globes on an end table in our house near the door. My three year old and I were heading out the door and if you have toddlers you can relate with me. Whenever you leave the house you have to pack up every toy you own and bring it wherever you are going. So on this particular day as we are getting ready to leave my toddler packed up an unnecessary amount of toys that she didn't need in a backpack, so much filled that it was bulging at the seems ready to topple her over. So here we are going out the door with her obnoxiously large backpack on and my daughter swings around to say bye to bubba, our dog and commence the sound of broken glass. Snow globe down. This isn't my first rodeo cleaning up broken glass so I instantly go into clean up mode. Pick her up and put her on the couch, lock our dog in a room and get out the vacuum. It was a small snow globe and it was a fast clean up, no sweat. When I finished I turn to see my daughter on the couch crying. Here I thought it was because of the snow globe being broken and losing a toy. However it wasn't because of that, it was because she thought that because she broke the snow globe that she would be on the naughty list. I learned from my wife later I guess that is from Santa Clause 3 or something. So I picked her up and told her that there would never be anything she could ever do to be on the naughty list because I am her daddy and I love her. Then I asked her if she wanted to know why she will never be on my naughty list no matter what she's done. It is because God has loved me in my "naughtiness" and He still loves me because of Jesus. Even when I make mistakes and I sin He still loves me because of what Jesus has done and because of the grace He has shown me when I don't deserve it, it allows me to show you grace when you don't deserve it. Even better, when we trust Jesus we have the promise that we will never be on God's naughty list no matter what and He will love us forever. 

Just like we teach our kids to crawl, walk, count, talk, etc. We also have been tasked with the responsibility of teaching and showing our kid's the Gospel of God's grace. By God's grace He has placed our kid's in a family of faith so that we can model grace to our children. Every moment we have with our kids we should use as opportunities to show our kid's the Gospel. Let me just say this, I don't do it perfectly. By God's grace in this moment I didn't throw my arms up and yell and scream that my daughter has now inconvenienced our leaving of the house as I have done in the past. My prayer is constantly that God would help me to see opportunities to show grace and to teach the Gospel to my daughter because it is the only thing that can change her heart. It is the only thing that matters. Manipulation won't change her heart, threats won't changer her heart, bribing her won't change her heart. All of these things will only lead to behavior modification and won't last. The only thing that can change a heart is the Gospel, that we are more sinful than we can imagine, yet more loved than we can ever hope. 

"God has opened your eyes to his presence and glory so you could help open the eyes of your children. So capture the opportunities around you to point to him. Don’t let a day pass without doing it and don’t feel that it’s weird to talk about God all the time. He is so pictured by his creation that it is positively weird not to be reminded of him and talk about him all the time. No one gives grace better than a parent who humbly admits that he desperately needs it himself." - Paul David Tripp

May this be our prayer, that as parents who have received grace from God that we would extend and teach grace to our kid's so that their eyes would be opened by God's grace to His presence and glory.

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles


Let's face it, parenting is one of the hardest things we will do in this lifetime. If you are a parent you just said AMEN! Every year I try to read a couple of parenting books to help me become a better parent and to help me be a better children's pastor. What I love about Paul David Tripp's book that is different from all the other parenting books you will read is he constantly makes you face the reality that you are not in control of the heart change that your kids need. If we are being honest, a lot of times when we are reading parenting books it is because we see a deficiency in our children that we want to fix. We turn to parenting books for easy how to's and try and fix our children's behavior. The reality we have to face though is that we cannot produce a changed heart only God can. We can manipulate behavior modification in the lives of our kids through different tactics, but the reality is they will not be long lasting. The reality that all of us as parents must face is that our kid's are born sinners in need of a savior just like us. Every misbehavior flows out of that sin nature and the only cure is a changed heart through faith in Christ. It is not something we can force, manipulate or control. We need to pray and ask for God's grace to transform our kids hearts and ask that he would help us be ambassadors of His grace. This book has challenged me to parent from a place of grace rather than reactionary to the misbehaviors in the moment. It has challenged me to see the misbehaviors and the moments that my kid throws fits as opportunities to show God's grace and to explain that it is out of a response of the grace that God has shown us. It has challenged me to see that my kid is not my possession that I own but she is God's and I am called to steward the gift of her life and the gift of being her parent being an ambassador of God's grace to show her God's grace in her life. This has been one of the best parenting books I have read and I encourage anyone who is a parent to pick it up and read it asking for God's grace to help you. Our roles as parents in not to be the perfect parent, but to point them to the perfect Savior and pray and pray and pray that He would move on their hearts and draw them to Himself. Lord, we need your grace!

Here are some quotes to reflect on:

”If your eyes ever see and your ears ever hear the sin, weakness, and failure of your children, it is never a hassle, never an interruption, never an accident; it is always grace. God loves your children and has put them in a family of faith, and he will reveal the need of their hearts to you so that you can be his tool of rescue and transformation. It is important to see these moments as opportunities of grace and resist turning a moment of ministry into a moment of anger.”

“Parenting is hard; it will expose your weaknesses and it will challenge your faith. There are times when you won’t feel very good about what you just did or said. There will be days when your work with your children will seem more futile than helpful. But the good news of the gospel is that you don’t have to hide your struggle. You don’t have to act as if you’re doing better than you are. No, you are welcomed by grace to cry out for help, you run to God in your need, and you are assured that not only will you not be turned away, but your heavenly Father will pay careful attention to your cries. “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit (Ps. 34: 18).”

A Practical Guide to Culture


As parents God has tasked us with the privilege and challenge of raising up the next generation of believers. We do this not in our own efforts but by the grace that God supplies, realizing that we are also broken sinners in need of a savior just like our kids. In a culture that grows more and more hostile to the Gospel we need voices like John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle to help us as parents to navigate the challenges of our culture and to apply a biblical worldview to them. The reality is that our kids are constantly being shaped by culture. The mistake most parents make (myself included) is in our efforts to try and protect our kids from culture, we don't teach them how to navigate the issues that they will eventually face. Either now in the protection of your home where you can help them, or when they go of to college and face them alone. No matter what age your kids are, if you are a parent you should read this book. Even as I was finishing this book my family and I were on vacation and there were no kid friendly shows on the tv so we turned on the show The Voice. We thought, hey its just singing. As we turned to it, there was a man talking about how he is a drag queen, worship leader at his church. Naturally, as inquisitive as three year olds are, my daughter said "why is that boy dressed like a girl, boys don't dress like girls." In that moment the tendency we want to do in parenting is to avoid it and hope to move on from the situation, change the channel quick and have her think about something else. The reality is that there are steps we must take now to protect and prepare our kids for the waves of culture we hope one day they’ll ride on their own by God's grace. So I engaged in the question with my daughter and affirmed her assessment that she was right, boys don't dress like girls. Then we talked briefly and age appropriately about how he needed God's grace just like we do to face the sin in our lives. If you are a parent, get this book, read it and ask for God's grace to help you parent your kids through the waves of culture. The question we must face is not, will my kid face these situations in life, but will I have prepared my kids to the best of my ability to face these situations and trust God, asking for His grace that He would guide them and help them.