A Practical Guide to Culture


As parents God has tasked us with the privilege and challenge of raising up the next generation of believers. We do this not in our own efforts but by the grace that God supplies, realizing that we are also broken sinners in need of a savior just like our kids. In a culture that grows more and more hostile to the Gospel we need voices like John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle to help us as parents to navigate the challenges of our culture and to apply a biblical worldview to them. The reality is that our kids are constantly being shaped by culture. The mistake most parents make (myself included) is in our efforts to try and protect our kids from culture, we don't teach them how to navigate the issues that they will eventually face. Either now in the protection of your home where you can help them, or when they go of to college and face them alone. No matter what age your kids are, if you are a parent you should read this book. Even as I was finishing this book my family and I were on vacation and there were no kid friendly shows on the tv so we turned on the show The Voice. We thought, hey its just singing. As we turned to it, there was a man talking about how he is a drag queen, worship leader at his church. Naturally, as inquisitive as three year olds are, my daughter said "why is that boy dressed like a girl, boys don't dress like girls." In that moment the tendency we want to do in parenting is to avoid it and hope to move on from the situation, change the channel quick and have her think about something else. The reality is that there are steps we must take now to protect and prepare our kids for the waves of culture we hope one day they’ll ride on their own by God's grace. So I engaged in the question with my daughter and affirmed her assessment that she was right, boys don't dress like girls. Then we talked briefly and age appropriately about how he needed God's grace just like we do to face the sin in our lives. If you are a parent, get this book, read it and ask for God's grace to help you parent your kids through the waves of culture. The question we must face is not, will my kid face these situations in life, but will I have prepared my kids to the best of my ability to face these situations and trust God, asking for His grace that He would guide them and help them.