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My name is Rob Martin and welcome to my blog. A little bit about myself, my wife Laura and I are high school sweethearts. We have been together since August of 2007 and have been married since August of 2011. My family and I reside in the Capital Region of New York with our daughter. I am the Children's Pastor at Redeemer Church Albany Campus. I have been blessed to be apart of Redeemer since I was born and am thankful for God's grace in placing me in my church family where not only was I raised but where I can raise my child and she can hear the Gospel at a young age. I studied and received my degree in Theology from Portland Bible College. This my personal blog and my hope is that in each post it would lead you to a place of worship and thankfulness for the goodness and grace of God.

The nature of my blog posts will be short, devotional type posts. In trying to accomplish keeping my posts shorter, there may be some thoughts I don't fully expound upon. I have set up a contact page where you can reach me directly incase there is anything that you would like to further dialogue about.


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